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Our VISION Statement

To prepare disciples to serve the Body of Christ in equipping and mobilizing believers everywhere to actively participate in spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ, adding new believers as reproducing members of the Church to see the literal fulfillment of the Great Commission and to see prayer become an integral part of every believers life who prays in spirit and truthmaking him/her an effective prayer warrior to bring transformation into lives of individuals, families, churches, organizations and eventually societies.

As Charles Spurgeon said:
"Long as they live must Christians pray, For only while they pray they live."



The work of LEAF is driven not just by our mission, but also by what we value. Here is a list of those things that are preeminent among our values. We value:

People--All human beings are made in the image of God and are therefore have intrinsic value and are not just instrumental means to other ends that are valuable.

Discipleship--Spiritual growth and training is accomplished in the context of relationship, both formal and informal, near and far, for the purpose of building skilled Christians, internally (spiritual formation) and externally (impact on others). This is the goal of the Great Commission.

Networking--The work of the Kingdom is a corporate effort of the Body, each part working with the other parts for the health of the organism. We promote strategic cooperation with other Christian groups working for the Kingdom, and networking to increase our total effectiveness.



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